Peering into your music-loving soul from a vantage point overlooking the Montréal, QC cityscape are Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. (Fuck overused promo photos when you can snag rad pics from the band’s personal Instagram, am I right?!?)

This talented due from Orlando, FL released a handful of singles in 2013 followed by an EP in 2014 that has since garnered millions of plays on Spotify.  After scattering several more singles across late 2015 and early 2016, the group just dropped their insanely peaceful and catchy self-titled debut full-length album on 4/20, the most prestigious of April holidays (sorry Jesus).

The two met in their high school Latin class and have been making music together ever since.  Now in their mid-twenties, they don’t have a label and still promote their own shows.  The gorgeous album art on the release comes from Alana Questell, one of the group’s original fans who graciously reached out to assist Morgan and Shih in what is one of the few things the band does not personally handle themselves.  Besides their music, SALES’ D.I.Y. ethic is what I find most appealing about the band.  “Our goal has always been to maintain our independence, and operate as our own label.  We want to see this project grow organically, and be sustainable for us. Bands blow-up over night with a label, but that’s not what we are looking for. We are in this for the long game” quotes Morgan.

This is super rad to hear coming from a duo that is about to become exponentially well-known.

I’m personally not much of a pop fan but this work is appealing from start to finish.  Listening to this album makes me think I’m laying on an ice sheet floating across the sea cozily coated in blankets as I stare up at the stars in a beautiful, well-lit Arctic night sky.

It’s that peaceful.

The production quality is excellent and the electronic + indie currents give off spacey and relaxed vibes.  Give it a try and, whether consciously or subconsciously, I guarantee you’ll soon enough find yourself nodding along.

SALES has been through a lot.  From discovering a dead man in a bathtub due to a cocaine overdose to working 6am shifts at an AT&T call center.  Where they go from here is anyone’s guess.  But when you release your debut full-length on the unofficially official national stoner holiday, fortunes are almost certain to trend in a ‘high’-er direction.

Peep the new album below and catch them on tour across the U.S. from now through June!