Sup Readers!

I wasn’t able to write a post last week cuz life got in the way. I apologize. No big deal. Shit happens. Get over it.

Last week’s feature was likely going to be about Tiny Moving Parts’ new album, Celebrate.  The Midwestern emo / indie-punk / math trio’s latest work is their most polished to date and is an upbeat (in a sad way, if that’s even possible?) soundtrack to the summer.  Plus, it has a song from the perspective of a snowman trying to withstand melting from the summer heat, which is pretty awesome! Go check it out.

If I didn’t write about them, I was going to focus my attentions on Family Atlantica and their new full-length Cosmic Unity.  Their bandcamp page states that the album moves, “through genres as diverse as psychedelic highlife, steel-pan Ethio-funk, calypso, baião and scorching equatorial jazz underpinned by deep afro-Atlantic dance rhythms.”

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy and unlike anything you’ve likely heard before.

Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to be about bands.  A new music feature will be out later in the week and the posts will continue to flow regularly throughout the majority of the summer, just like this gif of a random river (thanks Internet).

Instead, I am using it as an opportunity to announce a couple of things.

Update #1

Overall, the blog has been humming along just fine at this point.  The Playing Tourist Forever article has been my most popular piece to date garnering 90 views (THAT’S 180 EYEBALLS… I hope?)

The second most popularly read post was the one on Modern Baseball.  It was recently included in Bandcamp’s list of “The Best Albums of 2016 So Far” so it’s not like I’m just posting shitty music.

The majority of the site’s viewers have been from within the United States (quelle surprise) but two views have come from the Czech Republic and one more has come from Qatar. So shout out to the internationals (or domestic peeps with foreign IP addresses) who have stumbled upon this collection of words.

Update #2

My punk partner in crime, Raul, has agreed to start posting some articles on the site as well.  What he is going to write about is still being determined at the moment but his contributions, regardless of their particular subject matter, will be surely appreciated.

He’s a great dude, first and foremost.  He’s intelligent, well-spoken, and a man who keeps his finger on the metronomic pulse of the socially-conscious punk community.

He also currently plays in the Pomona, CA  garage band Muzzy Iris.

It’s safe to say he offers a wealth of music-related knowledge that I simply cannot provide on my own. Look for something out of his corner in the coming weeks!

Update #3




The work was completed by Whittier, CA artist Janae Velasco.  She sent some preliminary sketches to me a few weeks ago completely out of nowhere.  I liked what I saw so I told her to continue and this is what she came up with. Good stuff!

She sketched the image for free so I urge anyone who is reading this to go follow her Instagram account at Juna.Vee

You can also check out some of the work she has for sale on Etsy which can be viewed here: Janae Velasco Etsy

This isn’t a half-hearted promotion either!  The work she does is honestly quite incredible and her illustrations have come a long way since when I glimpsed her early work years ago.

It’s vibrant, psychedelic, tranquil, and thought-provoking.  I will likely be purchasing some paintings from her store, if you guys don’t beat me to it. Go take a look. You’ll like what you see!

But alright peeps. That’s it for the update.

Keep your eyes peeled to da blog.

Until next time!

– Vacc