Hello there, friend. It’s been a while!

*dusts off cobwebs*

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This blog hasn’t been touched since October but with the absence of school and more free time on my hands, I figured it was time to bring it back in some form or another.

It’s pretty much impossible to write detailed articles about every new album and EP that I enjoy. I learned that pretty quickly in the six months I ran this regularly. The list of releases I wished to talk about just kept getting longer and the half-written posts sitting in my queue soon found themselves outdated (there’s one still sitting there now on French indie math rock band, Totorro, that will never be completed but you should still check out their music anyway).

To remedy this, I’m choosing a quantity over quality solution. I will be posting four quarterly updates throughout the year briefly summarizing and sharing music I’ve found and significantly appreciated for whatever reason each quarter (i.e. January through March, April through June, etc).

One’s taste in music is obviously subjective and heavily influenced by where they grew up, the people they interacted with, the places they’ve seen, and the things they’ve learned along the way. All of these help lead to a rich, textured musical background that continuously builds upon itself adding depth and offshooting into paths of complex obscurity. You might hate everything I like. And that’s totally cool!

Personally, I’ve never subscribed to the notion of appreciating art simply because it’s popular and my friends are into it. Be your own damn person. Find what you like. What this translates into specifically for this blog is that you’re never going to see me praise Top 40 songs or whatever the trendiest pop star at the time is putting out.  If you’re making art for the sake of being famous and not for the sake of making art alone, you’re not worth the money you pay your ghost writers.

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But if you appreciate authenticity and an eclectic taste that ecompasses punk, metal, hip-hop, jazz, cumbia, and many a genre in between, then stick around for the soon-to-be-published Quarterlies 1 and 2!

And if you were looking for any substantive musical aspects in this post, here is a list of my favorite albums (EP’s not included) from 2016. Several of these were covered in depth on this blog throughout the past year so feel free to browse through the archives and do some readin’. I’ll toss in additional artists too because a revisionist’s work is never done and I don’t necessarily agree with this list as I originally wrote it six months ago.


Favorite Albums of 2016
* Frameworks – Smother [post-hardcore]
* Joyce Manor – Cody [indie punk]
* American Football – American Football [indie rock / emo]
* The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues [metalcore]
* Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership [post-hardcore / swancore]
* Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost [indie punk / emo]
* DIIV – Is The Is Are [indie / shoegaze]
* Hacktivist – Outside The Box [djent / rap metal]
* Trash Boat – Nothing I Write You Will Change What You’ve Been Through [pop-punk]
* Tiny Moving Parts – Celebrate [indie punk]
* Mat Kerekes – Luna & The Wild Blue Everything [acoustic]
* Expire – With Regret [hardcore]
* Scallops Hotel – Too Much Of Life Is Mood [indie rap / glitch hop]
* Adult Books – Running From The Blows [indie / surf punk]
* Enemies – Valuables [indie / post-rock]
* Balance And Composure – Light We Made [indie punk / shoegaze]

Runners-Up / Stuff I Didn’t Get Into Until Later
* Old Gray – Slow Burn [emo / punk]
* Nomade Orquestra – Nomade Orquestra [jazz]
* KOOL A.D. – KOOL A.D. & Trackademicks Present: Official [hip-hop / trap]
* Thee Commons – Loteria Tribal [surf punk / psychedelic cumbia]
* My Iron Lung – Learn To Leave [emo / post-hardcore]
* Sianvar – Stay Lost [progressive rock / swancore]
* Erra – Drift [progressive metal / metalcore]
* Forests – Sun Eat Moon Grave Party [emo / punk]
* KOOL A.D. – The Natural [hip-hop]
* Totorro – Come To Mexico [post-rock / indie]
Noname – Telefone [hip-hop]
Jeff Parker – The New Breed [jazz]


But on the real tho, fuck Sean Spicer and his bitchass.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you found any of the artists enjoyable.