Boom! I’m back again with some new music!
(let’s pretend that I published this 6 months ago)

Just like last time, I’ve divided releases into categories based off what I’ve been listening to most. All are worth your ears’ consideration, especially if you like what you’re hearin’ from the linked YouTube samples. Let’s get into it, chaps!


Group A


Free ThrowBear Your Mind


Genre: Indie Punk / Emo
Release Date: May 26th

With high-expectations for their sophomore release, the Nashville quintet delivered a product that fans of the genre can sink their teeth into. The band’s sound has tightened, the lyrics deal with heavier personal struggles and overall they have matured as musicians after three years since the release of Those Days Are Gone. In spite of this growth, the band still retains the raw, southern grit and playful humor that make them standout and worth giving a chance.

Listen To: “Rinse. Repeat.” + “Randy, I Am The Liquor” + “Cal Ripken Jr. Johnson


Chon – Homey


Genre: Math Rock
Release Date: June 16th

Their Facebook bio reads “we love making awesome jams” and this release definitely embodies that statement. There aren’t many other bands around right now who can match the talent and technical synergy of this three piece. Kicking out their bass player due to creative differences only seems to have enhanced the artistic vision of what Erick Hansel and the two Camarena brothers are capable of. The band decided to venture out of their safe zone of strictly fun jazzy math numbers, incorporating various effects pedals and guest artists on four tracks to create a unique sound that can be objectively appreciated by any serious fan of music.

Listen To: “Sleepy Tea” + “Waterslide” + “Berry Streets (feat. GoYama)” + “Nayhoo (feat. Masego, Lophiile)


Hundredth – Rare


Genre: Shoegaze / Punk
Release Date: June 16th

It takes guts for an artist to completely scrap a style that they built their entire career on to pursue a different direction but that’s exactly what Hundredth did. Wanting to musically challenge themselves and break away from the standard tropes of an oversaturated genre, the ex-hardcore band dropped the screams and breakdowns for a mellower, dark shoegazey vibe. Though they may lose fans in the hardcore community, they’ll be sure to pick up fans elsewhere. The album is solid throughout and there are several songs which I’ve loved blasting in my car over the last few months. Like any shoegaze album, it’s good for those long foggy drives.

Listen To: “Vertigo” + “Neurotic” + “Disarray” + “Youth


Via Luna – Wilt


Genre: Post Rock / Math Rock
Release Date: April 28th

Listen To: “All Roads Lead To Buzzard” + “Mirror House

These guys are one of my favorite bands whom I wish would get signed ASAP (unless they don’t want to be signed which in that case, more power to ’em!). It’s the sound of midwestern emo instrumentals meeting the cathartic crescendos of the post-rock universe melding into one funky, heavily-textured 25 minute jam session. This might not be the best work in their catalog, in my opinion, but it’s an enjoyable release through and through.


Beach Fossils – Somersault


Genre: Indie / Beach Pop
Release Date: June 2nd

The Brooklyn, NY outfit chose to tune down the noticeable lo-fi vibes, prevalent on What A Pleasure and Clash The Truth, in order to mature the band and take their sound into a new space. The band succeeded in this mission, churning out several quality songs while still retaining enough of what put them on the map in the first place. Quality lyrical content can be found within as vocalist Dustin Payseur coos, I “Wanna believe in America but it’s someplace I can’t find.” A.C.A.B.

Listen To: “This Year” + “Tangerine” + “Saint Ivy” + “Down The Line


At The Drive In – In•ter a•li•a


Genre: Post-Hardcore
Release Date: May 5th

With their first release in 17 years, ATDI gives long-time fans enough to satisfy them after a lengthy drought. The musical landscape pre-9/11 was much different than it is today and these nearly two decades have taken a toll on the band’s famed angst and aggression as well as Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s vocal delivery. The album feels formulaic and the absence of Jim Ward is noticeable but you can’t fault the band for trying. If nothing more, the record is pleasingly nostalgic. There’s still no one else out there doing it like ATDI is. Feast on abstract lexicon!

Listen To: “No Wolf Like The Present” + “Governed By Contagions” +”Torrentially Cutshaw” + “Hostage Stamps


Tigers Jaw – Spin


Genre: Emo / Indie
Release Date: May 19th

I read a review of this album that stated Tigers Jaw is a pivotal figure of 4th wave emo. I didn’t know that we now have well-defined terms for the various eras but I’m all for it.  Regardless, this band is swell and their melancholic, alt rock tunes are excellently moody. Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh have outdone themselves on this album and with Will Yip at the production helm, any fan of his previous works (Citizen, Turnover, Title Fight, La Dispute, The Menzingers, etc.) knows that the result is of unquestionably high quality.

Listen To: “Follows” + “June” + “Brass Ring


Washed Out – Mister Mellow


Genre: Chillwave / Electronic
Release Date: June 30th

Ernest Greene has made many a tasty track before and this album is filled with a bunch of ’em once again! Spark a joint, hop into your hammock and enjoy 29 minutes of atmospheric bliss that took two years to perfect. You’d be hardpressed to find a more relaxing album.

Listen To: “Floating By” + “Hard To Say Goodbye” + “Get Lost


Group B

Yazz Ahmed – La Saboteuse

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: May 12th

Up and coming Bahraini-British trumpeter producing amazing Arabic pysch jazz compositions for a new generation of jazz fans.

Listen To: “Jamil Jamal” + “La Saboteuse” + “Bloom


In Hearts Wake – Ark

Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: May 26th

Australia has produced a lot of great hardcore and metal bands over the last ten years from Parkway Drive to The Amity Affliction.  But In Hearts Wake is now the torchbearer of the Aussie scene.  The album provides conscience, thought-provoking heavy jams to save the planet to. We started this war. So why are we surprised that Earth fought back?

Listen To: “Passage” + “Nomad” + “Warcry” + “Elemental


Las Robertas – Waves of the New

Sprinkling psychedelic powder all over their lo-fi, surf punk garage band sound, these three Costa Ricans are back with an album perfect for a pleasant California day.

Genre: Psychedelic Surf Rock / Indie Pop
Release Date: May 5th

Listen To: “Not Enough” + “Alto Astral” + “Waves of the New


Nomade Orquestra – EntreMundos

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: June 23rd

The ten piece São Paulo group’s sophomore album is rich in multi-cultural influences and serves as a testament to music being a bridge between worlds.

Listen To: “Jardins de Zaira” + “Estrada para Camomila” + “Felag Mengu


Balance and Composure – Slow Heart EP

Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: May 12th

These are the leftover tracks recorded during the Light We Made sessions which didn’t fit the full length’s vibes. All three songs stand tall on this 7″.

Listen To: “Run From Me” + “Body Language” + “Revelation


Eternity Forever – Fantasy EP

Genre: Progressive Soul
Release Date: April 20th

Anything Kurt Travis touches turns to gold. Ben Rosett and Brandon Ewing are no slouches either. They broke up after releasing just this one EP and an additional single so savor what little they’ve given us because it is gooooooood.

Listen To: “Fantasy” + “Letting Go” + “All Alone


Combo Chimbita – Abya Yala

Genre: Tropical Futurism
Release Date: June 21st

An engaging journey through futuristic cumbia-esque sounds of the Caribbean, South America and African diaspora. Powerful vocals are provided by Carolina Oliveros, the former front-woman of a metal band.

Listen To: “No Regresso” + “Cachimba” + “Congo


Group C

A Lot Like Birds – Divisi

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Alternative Rock
Release Date: May 5th

Listen To: “The Sound of Us” + “For Shelley (Unheard)


Gnarwolves – Outsiders

Genre: Punk
Release Date: May 5th

Listen To: “Straightjacket” + “Wires


KOOL A.D. – Dope

Genre: Hip-Hop / Freestyle Rap
Release Date: June 13th

Listen To: “Dope” + “Nuthin Last 4ever” + “I’m God Too (Super Duper Based Freestyle)


Ant Orange – Arkupe

Genre: House / Beats
Release Date: May 26th

Listen To: “Fog Walk” + “Little Wing” + “Big Lil’s” + “My Man


Josiah Woodson – Suite Elemental

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: May 19th

Listen To: “Air


Kaz Mirblouk – Sidestep 7″

Genre: Surf Rock
Release Date: June 27th

Listen To: “Sidestep