The Goose Is Loose Music Blog

sifting through sonic pebbles to discover what lies beneath


Hey, what’s up. I’m Nick and I run this little musical web page bulletin thing.

I’m a recent graduate from UC San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I originally started this blog as a student and juggled writing these articles with my schoolwork, working an on campus-job, serving as the managing editor for an international affairs journal, and playing ultimate frisbee for the school’s club team. I had to prioritize certain commitments over others and subsequently took an eight month hiatus from this blog. Now that I’ve graduated, my priorities have shifted and I can engage with this a bit more.

This site is meant to be an outlet for my musical interests.  I like to think of it as a strange cross-up between the now-defunct Property of Zack pop-punk blog, the eclectic interests of Bandcamp curator Andrew Jervis, and my own evolving music tastes.

Originally, the only content I posted on here was a feature covering a relatively new album or EP that I found particularly appealing musically or interesting in some manner. As of June of 2017 though, my main posts are quarterly updates which compile my favorite releases during the span of three months.

I welcome suggestions and contributions from guest authors of any kind. Feel free to reach out through the contact menu. I thank everyone who has taken the time to read anything that has been written on here and hope that you have found it worthwhile.

I have no idea how long I am going to keep this up but until then I’ll keep sifting through sonic pebbles to discover what lies beneath.

You can contact me via Twitter @Vacctopus